Product Remanufacture

Refurbishment and Remanufacture

X2 Connect specialise in the remanufacture of previously used product

Remanufacturing existing product rather than making new is one of the most resource efficient manufacturing processes, keeping components in use for longer is key to the process ensuring precious resources are no longer wasted. X2 Connect's product remanufacturing team take great pride in recovering old or damaged product returning a fresh new product to our clients.

Our process involves the dismantling of the product, cleaning, restoring, replacing, repairing and testing the component parts before assembly and testing of the final product to its original design specifications. The final product looks and operates as a new product.

Examples of products that have passed through our remanufacturing process

  • 25 year old payphones
  • Gaming machines
  • Coin handling mechanisms upgrading to take new coins
  • Payphone Kiosks, complete restoration of the iconic K6 Red Telephone Box

Where original parts are no longer manufactured or can’t be manufactured cost effectively X2 Connects sourcing team will exhaust our resources to find the correct parts or where appropriate design new tooling, reverse engineering product or finding alternative components.

Re-manufacturing - benefits to our clients

  • Extended use of their current product ranges
  • The remanufacturing process allows for shorter lead-times and lower minimum order quantities
  • No expense relating to the swapping out of their product lines.
  • No expense relating to training employees on the use of new product.

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